Budget Counseling

We want you to be…debt free. You can do it. We will teach you how to work with your budget, enabling you to gain control of your financial future during our complimentary budget counseling session.

  • Are you consistently having difficulty paying bills as they come due?
  • Do you live pay check to pay check, never seeming to get ahead?
  • Have you taken a high interest loan or a new credit card to “catchup”?
  • Have you borrowed, or are you considering borrowing, or withdrawing from a retirement plan?
During this free session, learn how to: set up a debt payment plan, lower your debt to income ratio and pay off old debt more efficiently. Acquire tips on: credit card use, living within your means and ways to improve your credit score.


Call 414-461-7000, 920-727-0775 or 262-619-0433 today for more details.