Gavel and ScalesAs a resident of Wisconsin, you enjoy a unique option when it comes to getting your debts under control. You won’t have to file tax returns, get credit counseling or even go to court. Chapter 128 allows you to organize your debt without filing bankruptcy. Chapter 128 is a voluntary debt consolidation plan through the Wisconsin Circuit Court system. It is not a consumer credit counseling plan and it is not bankruptcy.

Advantages of a Chapter 128:

  • Unique to the State of Wisconsin and is open to all Wisconsin residents.
  • Bankruptcy is Federal. Chapter 128 is strictly a State of Wisconsin plan
  • Unlike bankruptcy, you are not required to list assets and property not in jeopardy.
  • You do not need to list all the debts you owe, unlike bankruptcy.
  • A very attractive alternative if you do not qualify under the new bankruptcy laws.
  • Stops garnishments.
  • Debt gets repaid.
  • Not listed in newspapers.
  • Interest on debts is non-collectable upon successful completion of the Chapter 128.
  • Easy and inexpensive to file.
  • May file more than once.
  • No Court appearances.

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