Our goal is for you to be… debt free! We recently discovered a great article on www.moneytalksnews.com that goes in-depth about ways to stay out of debt.

Americans have a love affair with credit cards. According to the latest Federal Reserve figures, we have $853 billion in credit card debt.

As a nation, we love to shop, but sometimes that consumerism leads to debt and monthly financial struggles. If you’re having trouble living within your means and staying out of debt, then read on for tips to make sure you never end up with more month than money.

      1. Know your income and expenses
      2. Track your expenses
      3. Separate wants and needs
      4. Don’t compete
      5. Pay in cash
      6. Keep an emergency fund
      7. Save money wherever possible
        A. Never walk into the grocery store unprepared
        B. Buy secondhand
        C. Skip designer coffee
        D. Don’t pay retail prices
      8. Cut down on expenses
      9. Boost your income
      10. Don’t deprive yourself

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Source: http://www.moneytalksnews.com/10-tips-to-live-within-your-means-painlessly/