2015 is rapidly coming to an end. The past year was a very important year for ESSERLAW LLC. We changed our firm name, renewed our focus on helping everyone become debt free and launched a new website. Here are a few of our highlights from 2015:

  • Todd C. Esser & Associates is now ESSERLAW LLC
    We are changing our business name to better represent the focus of our firm. As of October 1, 2015, we officially become ESSERLAW LLC. You will of course be able to accept the same level of dedication and service from our company as you have always been able to expect through the years. The name change is part of our new image.
    ESSERLAW LLC wants you to be debt free. We can help you become debt free through: Debt Consolidation, Budget Counseling, Debt Amortization, Debt Relief
  • Check out our new website: esserlaw.zipsites3us.com
    As a result of our commitment to help you to be…debt free, we’ve launched an improved website, esserlaw.zipsites3us.com. In addition to the new look, and ease of navigation, our website now offers many tips and tools, links and suggestions for you to be… debt free.
  • Attorney Beth M Brockmeyer Joins the ESSERLAW LLC
    ESSERLAW LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Beth M. Brockmeyer. Ms. Brockmeyer’s practice concentration on consumer and small business debtors will further round out Esser’s well respected Milwaukee Bankruptcy Law Firm. Attorney Brockmeyer advises clients on bankruptcy law and how it may affect other areas of their life.
  • ESSERLAW LLC launched new monthly newsletter, The Compass – Tips & Tools for you to be…debt free
    We launched our new monthly newsletter, The compass – Tips & Tools for you to be…debt free over the fall of 2015. This monthly newsletter focuses on tips and tricks for you to live debt free, as well as important news and information. Subscribe to our newsletter.
  • We’re Looking Out For You
    According to a news alert from The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA), consumers are falling prey to a new scam targeting people who have filed for bankruptcy and others just getting started with the process. The con artists are using software that “spoofs” the Caller ID system so that the call appears to be originating from the phone line of the consumer’s bankruptcy attorney. Victims of the scam are being instructed to immediately wire money to satisfy a debt that supposedly is outside the bankruptcy proceeding. Some consumers have been threatened with arrest if they fail to wire money to pay the debt
    ESSERLAW LLC and NACBA want consumers to know that under no circumstance would a bankruptcy attorney or staff member telephone a client and ask for a wire transfer immediately to satisfy a debt. Nor would the bankruptcy attorney and staff ever threaten arrest if a debt isn’t paid.

We are looking forward to a great 2016! Keep checking out our website for the latest new, tips, tricks and more.

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