The new Best of Milwaukee 2016 is here! Show your support for your favorite Milwaukee businesses, people, and places:  including restaurants, bars, musicians, parks, theaters, music venues, public officials, Milwaukee-made products and everything in-between. Vote for...

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5 Ways to Slash the Cost of Gas

Our goal at ESSERLAW is to provide you tips to live debt free! Recently, we came across a great article, 5 Ways to Slash the Cost of Gas, on Here are five great ways to save money on gas every time you pull up to the pump: 1. Use a...

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Mortgage financing for the self-employed

Original Post: Our goal is to provide you with the best information to keep you... debt free. Here is a great article we found on Local mortgage lenders are often in a...

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Are Your Finances Out of Control?

This blog post originally appeared on Feeling as though your finances are completely out of control is a troubling, yet, all too common issue for many people. No matter where you look, it appears the vast...

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9 Ways to Take a Bite Out of Pet Bills

At ESSERLAW LLC, we want you to be... debt free. We recently came accross a great blog post on that gives you a few tips on saving money when you have pet bills. From a 2015 Washington Post article: According to a 2011 report by the American Pet...

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Sun above the Horizon


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