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Let’s Ask ESSER


I’m a real DIY person…how do I know if it’s time to get help with my financial situation?
~ B in Wauwatosa


First ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are you consistently having difficulty paying bills as they come due?
  • Do you live paycheck to paycheck, never seeming to get ahead?
  • Have you taken a high interest loan or a new credit card to “catch up”?
  • Have you borrowed or are you considering borrowing or withdrawing from your retirement accounts?

Are any of these questions are striking a chord with you? Some people can correct themselves by just being pointed in the right direction. Come meet with me or one of our other experienced attorneys for a free budget counseling session. You’ll learn how to set up a debt payment plan, lower your debt to income ratio and pay off old debt more efficiently We’ll go through your unique situation and identify appropriate options. I’m attaching a few links to get you started.

10 Best: Ways to improve your credit score
10 Free Things That Used to Cost Money

Looking forward to your good financial health!

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