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5 Ways to Slash the Cost of Gas

Our goal at ESSERLAW is to provide you tips to live debt free! Recently, we came across a great article, 5 Ways to Slash the Cost of Gas, on Here are five great ways to save money on gas every time you pull up to the pump: 1. Use a...

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7 Ways to Make Your Savings Grow Faster Automatically

Having trouble putting money aside? At ESSERLAW LLC, our goal is to help you live a debt free lifestyle. Recently, we found a great article on titled: "7 Ways to Make Your Savings Grow Faster Automatically." Here are some systems to put in place...

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Debt Collector Crossing the Legal Lines?

If you are behind on payments, or a credit agency incorrectly has you listed as such, you may have debt collectors trying to contact you. According to ACA International, (the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals), most are honest legitimate businesses,...

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15 Helpful Tips Everyone Should Know Before Hitting the Beach

This blog article originally appeared on on July 12, 2016: Whether you’re heading to the ocean, the Great Lakes or a local watering hole, here are 15 beach...

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Mortgage financing for the self-employed

Original Post: Our goal is to provide you with the best information to keep you... debt free. Here is a great article we found on Local mortgage lenders are often in a...

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Are Your Finances Out of Control?

This blog post originally appeared on Feeling as though your finances are completely out of control is a troubling, yet, all too common issue for many people. No matter where you look, it appears the vast...

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