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5 Ways to Begin Your Journey to Financial Independence

Original post appeared on Precisely 240 years ago, a bunch of ragtag colonists declared their independence from the tyranny of a monarchy across the sea. On July 4, we...

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9 Ways to Take a Bite Out of Pet Bills

At ESSERLAW LLC, we want you to be... debt free. We recently came accross a great blog post on that gives you a few tips on saving money when you have pet bills. From a 2015 Washington Post article: According to a 2011 report by the American Pet...

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Introducing Let’s Ask ESSER

At ESSERLAW we want nothing more than for you to be…debt free. We’ve created an online Question and Answer platform called "Let's Ask ESSER" for you to get your debt relief questions answered by the experts… Let's Ask ESSER Question: I’m a real DIY person…how do I...

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Ways to Bring Down the Cost of Staying Cool this Summer

American summers are growing hotter, thanks to climate change and increased urbanization. Using an air conditioner to stay cool takes a big bite out of your household budgets. There’s plenty you can do, though, to cut the cost of cooling a home. For example, sealing...

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More fun things to do in Wisconsin on a budget

With the weather warming up, your family may want to get outside enjoy the weather and explore our state. Thanks to a great post on, you can travel our state and see great attractions on a budget. Wisconsin’s free activities and attractions let you...

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